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Harvard University Press, gegründet 1913, ist Herausgeber von Klassikern wie Thomas Pikettys Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Toni Morrisons The Origin of Others, Robert Douglas-Fairhursts Becoming Dickens, Stephen Jay Goulds The Structure of Evolutionary Theory, James Kugels The Bible As It Was, John Rawls A Theory of Justice und Helen Vendlers The Art of Shakespeares Sonnets.

Mason-Dixon Crucible of the Nation Edward G. Gray
The Four Realms of Existence A New Theory of Being Human Joseph E. LeDoux
Periphery How Your Nervous System Predicts and Protects against Disease Moses V. Chao
King Hancock The Radical Influence of a Moderate Founding Father Brooke Barbier
The Art of Military Innovation Lessons from the Israel Defense Forces Edward N. Luttwak, Eitan Shamir
Visions of Inequality From the French Revolution to the End of the Cold War Branko Milanovic
The Joy of Consent A Philosophy of Good Sex Manon Garcia
A Secret among the Blacks Slave Resistance before the Haitian Revolution John D. Garrigus
The Golden Passport Global Mobility for Millionaires Kristin Surak
A Guess at the Riddle Essays on the Physical Underpinnings of Quantum Mechanics David Z Albert
No Birds of Passage A History of Gujarati Muslim Business Communities, 1800–1975 Michael O’Sullivan
A Myriad of Tongues How Languages Reveal Differences in How We Think Caleb Everett
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