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How authentication & access work

Authentication identifies you, either through your institution, or by logging into your personal De Gruyter account. Once you're authenticated, you'll have access to our publications which your institution has licensed, and/or those that you have personally purchased.

Please note that your institution has probably not licensed all of our publications, so authentication will not give you access to everything on our platform. If you find something you want to access but can't, please contact your institution's librarian, or purchase the publication.

Institutional access (automatic)

If your computer is on your institution's network or VPN, we can usually recognise that by your computer's IP address, and give you access automatically. We may also automatically recognise you by the site you came from.
We were unable to recognise your institutional network. Please login with credentials from your institution, or enter a passcode to access licensed publications, as described below.

Login via Shibboleth, OpenAthens, etc. (manual)

If you have a login for any of these services, you can log in here and gain access to your institution's licensed products.

Your personal account (manual)

If you have personally purchased products in the past, log in to your personal account to access them. If you don't have an account yet, you can register here.
Please note that if you purchased products before February 2020, you'll be asked to reset your password when you register, so we can connect your purchases to our new system.

Access with a passcode (manual)

If you have one, enter your passcode here to access your institution's licensed products.
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